3D Dimension Lines with Blender and Caliper

One of the most important aspects of the architectural projects is showing the measurements as with dimension lines, or as some know the “quota lines.” Those lines are present in the architectural projects to demonstrate the dimension visually, among two points. Until some days ago I had never seen any similar resource in 3D, since the habit is to use those lines just in 2D projects. That was like this until I found a Script for Blender called Caliper. That Script creates dimension lines in 3D! That is a great [...]

Blender 3D and Adobe Premiere with Chroma Key (English)

Have you ever tried to make a composition between a real footage and a computer generated animation? At least do you know how it's done? To make this kind of composition we need to use a technique called Chroma Key or Blue Screen like some people know it. The technique is very simple and can be applied with almost any 3d animation software. […]

Script Lengthen (English)

Precision tools were always requested in Blender, but fortunately we have a large number of Python Scripts that add new tools and functionalities for modeling with precision. There is a Script called Lengthen, which can change the distance between two vertexes of a model. This change is controlled by the user, and then we have absolute precision. […]